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World leading company benefits from Aurora’s Promotional Insights

Promotions to boost customer experience. For this world leading company, this results into higher sales and customer loyalty in the long run. An effective approach, but also one that requires a lot of data. Or more precisely a combination of data and in-depth insights into the impact of each promo campaign. And in that respect, this giant aimed to optimise. Impaqtr offered the solution: SaaS platform Aurora and module Promotional Insights.

Fact: almost everyone has a product from this leading company at home. It was founded in the 19th century as a family business, our
client now has over 140,000 employees in 60 countries worldwide. With $93.8 billion of sales in 2021, the company uses its size and reach to generate positive impact. As one of the world’s largest companies, they are committed to bring innovative ideas, products and services to advance the health and well-being of people. It is an honor that Impaqtr can also help them to improve their business.

The problem

The company’s size and high sales revenue allow the marketing team to offer bundles and promotions to its customers. A way of working with numerous objectives: it can increase sales, boost perceived value, increase penetration and encourage customer loyalty. A price cut-off or a free item may seem like an immediate loss of revenue, but the organization is seeking long-term relationship with its customers. Therefore, it is critical to track promotions and bundling performance to ensure that they’re increasing sales and customer loyalty in the long run. Before Impaqtr came into picture, valuable time was lost manually combining data from different retailers and matching it to their own sell-out data. They also relied on limited variables for this analysis, which didn’t provide the in-depth needed to truly understand the impact of each promotion at different retailers and to perform analysis in a coherent, continuous way. So there was margin for improvement.

The Solution – Promotional Insights

A product in our SaaS platform Aurora that provides a comprehensive insight into retailer’s promotional campaigns. Our strong methodology and broader statistical model can calculate baselines and incremental sales while considering multiple variables such as seasonality of the category, trends of the brand, environmental parameters and others. Moreover, we estimate neutral consumer prices, which enable the customer to access the actual depth of deal of a promotion.

This is how it goes. When logging in to Aurora, our client can now:

  • Compare its performance with competitors
  • Access a scorecard for each retailer
  • See past promotions in a calendar
  • Compare promoted and non-promoted sales
  • Rank products by multiple criteria
  • And a lot more

In all reports, flexible filters allow users to aggregate views by categories, brands, retailers and periods. When analyzing data on SKU level, the platform shows an actual image of each bundle or promotional product, making data visualization an efficient, friendly experience. Exactly what the customer needed.

The Outcome

Nowadays, the marketing team can easily log in to our platform and get access to insights that enable them to focus on what matters: to formulate optimized future strategies and action plans. The tool not only provides smart insights into promotions and bundles. It also allows for an effective communication with retailers which leads to a better collaboration. Starting in Belgium and the Netherlands, at Impaqtr we are excited to provide promotional insights to more countries in the future and to optimize our client’s campaigns to the max.

Curious to see Aurora in action?

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