Aurora offers many benefits as a data ecosystem for leading FMCG & retail companies

One platform for all your reports

Aurora holds all your different reports from multiple retailers in one easy-to-access platform with visually attractive and always up-to-date dashboards;

Enrich retailers' data with your own data

The Aurora platform offers you more than your traditional dashboards: not only can you benefit from the multiple insights, you can also automate the personalisation of your dashboards with your own data such as targets, benchmarks;

Data made easy

We transform the complex data chunks that you receive from retailers or third parties into easy understandable dashboards and reports with our online SAAS Platform Aurora;

Data protection ensured

You decide who within your organization gets access to which insights, with the utmost respect to the highest standards of data protection and legal regulations;

One version of the truth

We make data accessible for all involved and automatically calculate useful KPIs so everybody works on the same insights and has no more discussions about the quality of the data;

Straightforward pricing

We offer a simple and straightforward pricing model based on a pay-per-user model. Scalable and completely tailored to your business;