Maximum benefits and optimal collaboration from retailers’ data

What Impaqtr can do for you

For leading FMCG & Retail companies, Aurora is the data platform that provides solutions to optimize profitability, today and tomorrow

  1. We offer retailers Aurora, a comprehensive SaaS-platform, where retailers can make their data available for partners and customers without the hassle of creating and maintaining a data platform themselves.  
  2. The ultimate goal of Aurora is to improve the communication of data and insights between retailers (supermarkets, webshops, wholesalers) and manufacturers, in a way that they can both optimize their margin and act on business opportunities rapidly. 
  3. As a retailer you get the opportunity to profit from your own data without having to invest in a data platform yourself.    
  4. Impaqtr is a neutral party and regards itself as a provider of a data ecosystem between retailers and manufacturers inline with all legal requirements such as GDPR, privacy, competition, among others.
  5. We support our clients in the IT-domain with our own cloud-based data lake and visualization software.

Data sources available in Aurora’s data ecosystem