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Better insights with the Aurora platform

In challenging times in the brewery industry, it is all about providing correct information to members and public bodies in due time so they can effectively anticipate problems, incidents and challenges. A process that calls for data and automation. That’s where Impaqtr comes in, with online platform ‘Aurora ‘.

With more than 400 breweries associated and a story that dates back to the Middle Ages, our client is one of the oldest professional associations in the world . Their purpose is to inform, support and advise breweries established in Belgium on issues related to the sector. Last year, that sector showed its resilience by increasing its volume by 12.2%. Despite the effects of the pandemic with the catering business being locked for 6 months, the number of breweries has continued to increase from 379 to 408. This shows the vitality and dynamism of the industry and the richness of the beer culture. It is therefore an honor to help this customer to stay on top of branch developments.

The problem

In order to support its members with industry insights, our client creates sales reports by aggregating the breweries data. Before Aurora, they wasted valuable time manually inputting, validating and correcting data from members. You can imagine the complexity: too much workload for different parties and an increased risk of errors. Not only the quality of the reports was compromised by this manual way of working, but also compliance with the deadline was difficult to attain. Plenty of reasons to focus on optimization.

The Solution – Aurora real-time insights

The way forward for our client is our online platform Aurora in which participants can check their figures in real time. When logging in to the system, users get valuable insights not only into their own data but also into the aggregated Belgium market. Impaqtr acts as a neutral data processor, serving as a bridge between participants and our client and ensuring the timely sharing of data.

Aurora is all about value creation. On the platform, participants benefit from:

  • Secure login through single sign-on with own company email
  • Category performance
  • Market share comparison
  • Evolution by fire
  • Workflow integration: interactive and shareable
  • Easy updating and uploading of new data by shared one drive

The Outcome

Nowadays, category managers can just grab a cup of coffee and get insights of their own brewers AND the market. Running timely and smoothly, Aurora is the only source of truth for our client and the federation participants. After the success of this project, we’re excited to expand to more brewers in the near future. Together for better results – with data!

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