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Improved Retail Performance With Store Level Insights

A world-renowned confectionery manufacturer was struggling to monitor store performance. Without the necessary insights into which stores were generating the most revenue, or how much they were losing due to inefficient shelf management, it was almost impossible to make future plans or to seize opportunities. Increased business predictability please! Impaqtr to the rescue. Our SaaS platform ‘Aurora’ with ‘Store Level Insights’ was the solution to unlock all information they need.


Setting context: a multinational fast-moving consumer goods company (FMCG), one of the world’s largest manufacturers of confectionery with 17,000 employees, 30 subsidiary companies worldwide and product distribution in over 159 countries… With an organization of this size, you can imagine how hard and time consuming it was to get continuous insights on products and to monitor store performance efficiently for different retailers. Thanks to Store Level Insights, this ‘data’ challenge is a thing of the past. Now, a representative visiting a store can easily identify opportunities for every shop AND stock keeping unit (SKU).

The problem

More and more retailers are sharing store level sell-out data directly with manufacturers and are expecting that manufacturers create valuable insights. And so our client sought all the data together to meet those demands. Prior to partnering with us, valuable time was lost compiling data from different sources, crossing it with internal company information and calculating KPIs that not always provided the info category managers needed. In order to be competitive on the FMCG market and make sure that the products can be found on the shelf, our client needed answers to these valuable questions:

  • Which shops are creating most turnover?
  • How much value is being lost because there are white spots in a negotiated assortment?
  • Are there opportunities to introduce new products?


The solution: ‘Store Level Insights’

We from Impaqtr proposed Store Level Insights, a unique solution that provides comprehensible and flexible insights into retailer performance. We help our client to win time, by automatically structuring and enriching data into easy, understandable reports within our SaaS platform Aurora. When logging in to Aurora, our client can, for multiple retailers in Belgium and the Netherlands:

  • Cluster each shop into specific characteristics: for example region, length of shelf, sales representative, …
  • Identify top and underperformer shops by smart benchmarking
  • Analyze SKU distribution and follow-up on assortment: must have vs missing out
  • Track performance of each sales representative


The Outcome

By using our technology, store representatives are able to quickly identify which SKUs require attention and resolve assortment issues in real-time. We are proud to say that we’re helping one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of confectionery to identify opportunities in the market and make sure that their customers can find their favorite product in the shops. Mission accomplished.


Aurora and Store Level Insights can improve your retail performance too – no doubt. 

Visit our Store Level Insights page.



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